In the Book of Exodus, Moses named his brother, Aaron, the first High Priest of Israel. As a gift for the newly appointed High Priest, Moses ordered a breastplate made with twelve different jewels, each representative of the twelve different tribes of Israel. This passage within the Bible conveys one of many possible origins of the twelve birthstones known today. Historians also link the stones with many other ancient figures and practices including the twelve apostles, the twelve foundation stones of the Holy City of Rome, the twelve zodiac signs and, of course, the twelve months of the year.

In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers produced a standardized list of the twelve stones to officially coincide with the twelve months of the year.

For the months with two stones listed, we have decided to supply the first stone for your family cross. This choice was based on the aesthetics and durability between the two stones. Additional information is available upon request.


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January: Garnet

For JANUARY, we have chosen my favorite of all the Garnets, Rhodolite.  It has a crisp raspberry brilliance to it. In biblical lore, Noah fashioned a garnet into a lantern to light the way for the Ark.  Rhodolite Garnet inspires the wearer with feelings of love and passion.

February: Amethyst

FEBUARY’S birthstone is Amethyst, a beautiful, rich purple shade of the quartz mineral. Historically, because of its richness of tone and vibrant shade, Amethyst was considered the stone of royalty. Legend states that Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness and wisdom.

March: Aquamarine

MARCH’S gemstone, Aquamarine, literally means, “Ocean Water”.  It has a sparkling light blue color that mimics the Mediterranean Sea.
Aquamarine is said to calm fears and worries, and open the mind to knowledge.

April: Diamond

Diamond, the king of gems, is APRIL’S birthstone.  Diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, yet is composed of just simple Carbon,
formed deep in the Earth, under tremendous heat and pressure.  The transformation from a simple pebble, to the most brilliant of all gems, is only possible through the patient skill of an accomplished cutter.

May: Emerald

The birthstone for MAY is Emerald, an intense green gem the color of nature and renewal, the beautiful green of spring.
It is said that Emerald refreshes the eye and improves ones eyesight.  Other endowments include love, loyalty, and wisdom.

June: Alexandrite / Pearl

For JUNE we have chosen one of the most unusual gemstones found in nature.  Alexandrite changes color from red to green when
it is viewed in different lighting.  Gemstone lore states that Alexandrite instills joy and luck in love.

July: Ruby

The intense red of Ruby is JULY’S fiery birthstone.  The Ruby has a very deep history and has been worn by both king and warrior.
The Ruby has been thought to promote long life, happiness, good health, and to gain insight to all of creation.

August: Peridot

Peridot (pronounced PEAR-ih-doe), is a vivid olive green stone with a hint of gold in its brilliant interior.  AUGUST’S birthstone
is said to provide the wearer with protection from enemies and to strengthen and regenerate the body.  Peridot is one of nature’s most brilliant colored gemstones.

September: Sapphire

SEPTEMBER’S birthstone, Sapphire, is representative of the dark blue of the deepest ocean waters.  Sapphire is the sister stone to Ruby,
as they are both made of corundum, the second hardest gemstone in nature.  Sapphire’s wearer attracts joy and peace and assists in spiritual growth.

October: Tourmaline / Opal

For OCTOBER’S gemstone, we have chosen the brilliant pink fire found in Pink Tourmaline.  Pink Tourmaline is one of the few
gemstones in nature that comes in a vivid pink color.  Pink Tourmaline is associated with vibrations of the heart and imparts strength to its wearer.

November: Citrine / Topaz

For its intense color, Citrine was chosen as NOVEMBER’S birthstone.  According to legend, this bright golden gemstone,
the color of the sun, gives the wearer abundance, creativity, and success.

December: Zircon

DECEMBER’S birthstone, Blue Zircon, is the color of a sparkling, cool mountain lake.  This winter gemstone is famous for its icy
blue brilliance and internal fire.  Blue Zircon is said to bring prosperity and wisdom to its wearer.